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Please read the information below before submitting your project

Following the file guidelines below can speed up the valuation process.

  • Project file sent in .DXF or .DWG format
  • Scale of the project 1: 1 – It is not necessary to apply all dimensions – just enter the overall dimension of the form / detail and make sure that the entire project is in 1: 1 scale.
  • Please close the paths – polylines
  • When providing a large amount of information, you can add a PDF file or project in Corel Draw (X7 or earlier versions), with dimensions, penetration depths, cross-sections.
  • For milling, different penetration depths can be marked with different colors – example below.
  • All fonts should be converted into curves.
  • Please do not place details on the material, we will try to minimize material consumption. The exception are materials with a pattern, print, surface structure – here it is necessary to determine the direction of the pattern.

Technical drawing

It is possible to prepare a calculation from a provided technical drawing. Please specify the number of individual details and the type and thickness of the material from which they are to be made. The price valuation is then more time consuming. The time related to the preparation of the project in vector form is also an added cost. Therefore, we prefer to be provided with vector files already.

Not having any drawing?

It is possible to develop a basic project based on a template provided, cracked format, pane, sketch. The price of such a service is calculated individually and includes the work of a graphic designer when developing a vector file. We only design complicated, time-consuming projects in special cases for serial orders!

Prices of CNC service

  • Correction of a working file – from 80 PLN / + vat
  • A minimum price of each cutting order – PLN 97,56 / + vat

We do not have a general ‘Price List’ for other cuts. The price depends on the machine working time. This time depends on the type of material, its thickness and the level of complexity of the drawing. The price is also affected by the time of work done to prepare the delivered file.

Foam detail, milling - DXF

Plane plexi laser cut - DXF

Plywood cupboard, milling - DXF

Mirror waterjet cutting birds - DXF

Steel plug S235 15 mm Waterjet - DXF

Fish plates, milling - DXF

Project price calculation

Complete the information below, trying to specify as much information as possible about the project. It is not necessary for the customer to specify the type of CNC machine. We will choose the appropriate cutting technology ourselves, depending on the specifics of the project.

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