Plastic plates

Buy the whole sheet or order forms cut to size from plastic panels available in our warehouse. We also use these materials to cut elements on CNC machines. As a result, you do not have to wait for the delivery of materials, because they are taken directly from our warehouse, and we can proceed with the order on CNC machines much faster.
List of available materials

Material to order

Our company offers the possibility of ordering materials directly from our suppliers. We help the clients to choose the highest quality material that meets their expectations.
List of materials available on request:
Waterproof, dry and other plywood types available on request

Materials provided by customers:

We are open to any suggestions and any new projects. We have a wide range of plastic panels in sale. We offer the possibility for our clients to provide their own material for processing.
Materials provided by clients - examples
Ceramics, tiles, stoneware, natural stones
Aluminum cutting on a Waterjet machine
Wood-based materials
Steel sheets, constructional steel, black steel
Non-ferrous alloys
Brass and bronze
Almoust all kinds of glass are processed with waterjet machine