We offer CNC technology services


Using professional milling tools, we cut plastic plates, plywood, MDF.


Precise cutting of the most complex projects. Plexi, plywood, HDF.


Cutting steel, glass, stone or tiles with a water jet at extreme pressure.

Examples of elements we produce

Parts for shipbuilding industry. Steel elements up to 50 mm thick, templates and interior design
Furniture components, furniture fronts
Covers, cases, machine parts, front panels, components, panels for electronic parts
Unusual templates and shapes
Windows, portholes, building elements for boats and yachts, car bodies
Glass elements, holes in glass, mirrors
Mosaics, rosettes, decors, holes in porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles, treads, inlays
Forms, 3D prototypes, architectural models
Packing fillers, foam elements
Visual communication, templates, frames, covers, any shape made of Plexiglas and other materials
Interior design decorative elements and ornaments
Plexiglas folded elements, covers

Recent realizations

Wiga CNC - Material treatment with CNC technology

We specialize in materials treatment using CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) technology. It allows us to produce quickly and precisely, highly repeatable and complex shapes made out of any material. Our machines  are designed to cut materials by milling using modern milling tools, water jet and abrasive cutting, as well as burning and engraving. The most commonly processed materials are plastic plates, steel and non-ferrous metals, ceramics, glass, as well as plywood and other wood-based panels.

Maschines in our CNC park:

  • milling maschines cutting plastics such as plexiglass, PVC, dibond and wood-based panels – e.g. plywood. Work field – 410 x 210 cm.
  • laser for cutting plexiglass, plywood, cardboard, foam. Work field – 250 x 125 cm.
  • waterjet cutting with a mixture of water and abrasive under high pressure. Cuts many flat materials, including glass, tiles, stone, rubber, steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum. Working area 300 x 150 cm.

We realize orders according to customers’ design. We create our own designs and visualizations according to the given guidelines.

The industries we have been working with so far are:

  • shipyards, machinery and equipment manufacturers,
  • construction companies and ventilation producers,
  • glazing, tiling,
  • museums, galleries, theaters,
  • furniture, decoration and architecture designers.

We invite you to cooperation!