Polycarbonate solid

The main feature of solid polycarbonate boards is their impact resistance. Their flexibility means that they do not break, do not crumble, as easily as e.g. plexiglass.

Characteristics of solid Polycarbonate

  • Easy thermal treatment
  • Easy machining
  • It has an UV protective coating
  • Polycarbonate is very durable and impact resistant

The use of solid polycarbonate boards

  • Glazing, roofing in buildings such as stadiums and railway stations, bus shelters, as well as glass gardens – conservatories and greenhouses,
  • Parts and covers of machines, fragments of vehicle structures (e.g. headlights) or as impact-resistant elements in cars,
  • Elements and covers in motorcycle helmets,
  • Industry, mechanical engineering and equipment construction,
  • Medical and laboratory technology.

PC sheets sizes

PC transparent 205 x 305 cm, 152 x 305 cm
PC milky, smoked, gray 205 x 305 cm
solid polycarbonate smoked
solid polycarbonate grey

Thickness of solid Polycarbonate plates

PC transparent 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 8; 10; 12 mm
PC milky 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm
PC smoked 6 mm
PC grey 6 mm, 8 mm

Solid polycarbonate cutting and additional CNC service

The basic service related to polycarbonate boards is formatting – linear cutting to specific dimensions on circular saws – high accuracy, edge quality, perpendicularity of angles.

In our workshop, we process plates using milling plotters. We offer the ability to cut any shape, e.g. portholes, machine covers, parts.

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