Cellular polycarbonate – roofing, glazing

We sell polycarbonate cell plates with accessories. We advise our clients on the planning of structures for roofing or glazing, please contact us for more information.

Cellular polycarbonate boards have cells, creating visual effect of stripes on the board from the outside. They are most often used as roofing, roofs, thermal insulation glazing.

transparent polycarbonate cellular plate
smoked polycarbonate plate for roofing

Characteristics of cellular polycarbonate plates

  • High thermal insulation
  • Good light transmission
  • Low weight – does not require the creation of massive supporting structures
  • Impact resistance
  • Can be used with standard window frames

The use of cellular polycarbonate

  • Lighting technique: light domes, light coverings
  • Illuminated advertising: advertising signs, advertising facades, backlighting of inscriptions
  • Construction: flat and perpendicular glazing, all types of roofing, canopies, arching, glazing of balconies, door and window glazing, gazebos, terraces, sectional gates, movable and fixed partition walls, acoustic screens protecting against noise, internal partitions, balustrade filling . Portholes, yacht and boats windows.
  • Advertising items: neon signs, illuminated letters, decorative parts, displays, luminous facades
roofing made of cellular polycarbonate on a wooden construction
glazing made of cellular polycarbonate

Polycarbonate Lexan ® plates

We offer Lexan® brand of cell polycarbonate sheets. The sheets have a double-sided UV coating! This is the highest quality product, especially recommended by us.

Sheets of cellular polycarbonate

The boards are available in 210 x 600 cm and 210 x 700 cm formats –
colorless, milky and smoky.

Polycarbonate roofing construction

We offer a full range of elements for the construction of roofs made to measure from polycarbonate:

  • HDPE tapes protecting edges of panels against dirt penetration
  • aluminum fastening profiles, clamping, closing, connecting
  • Polycarbonate closing and connecting profiles for various panel thicknesses – indoor use
  • self-drilling screws with EPD pads
  • bottom profile gaskets EPDM 60 mm
  • gaskets for upper profiles

ATTENTION: we do not install roofs at the customer’s place. We sell boards cut to size with accessories.