Aluminium Composite Panel

DIBOND Tubond Etalbond  Starbond Plabond Alucobond Aludecor AluCOM

Composite sandwich panels contain a plastic core (polyethylene) and a powder-coated aluminum layer. The thickness of the aluminum layer is 0.3 or 0.2 mm. Total plate thickness 3 mm.

dibond płyta kompozytowa

Characteristics of ACP panels

  • resistance to weather conditions as well as low and high temperatures
  • long-term color retention – resistance to aging
  • low flammability
  • wide possibilities of processing and creating forms
  • stiff
  • smooth surface
  • resistance to UV radiation and moisture

The use of composite panels

  • interior design
  • 3d forms
  • wall coverings
  • information boards
bent form after milling aluminium composite panel
milled groove before bending
decorative aluminium composite panel milled

Alucom sheets sizes

AluCom aluminium 0,2 mm 150 x 305 cm, 150 x 405 cm
AluCom aluminium 0,3 mm 200 x 305 cm
Etalbond aluminium 0,3 mm 150 x 405 cm
colored bond plates
black composite panel

Cutting composite panels to size and additional services

Normally, we cut composite panels with saw, to the demanded sizes. Additionally, the panels are being well processed with milling technology. The technique of milling and bending the composite plates allows the creation of three-dimensional forms. Milling the aluminum layer and the plastic layer, without affecting the second aluminum layer, allows the plate to be bent at the groove of milling. On the milling machine, we also cut various shapes such as circles, trapezoids, triangles, letters, numbers, decorative openwork and others.

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