About Us

Wiga CNC Szczecin Poland

The history of Wiga s.c. begins in 1992 in Szczecin.
Initially, we were a distributor of plastic plates and their basic processing – formatting plates to demanded size.
Over time, we expanded our services, of both plastic plates and their processing method, by CNC machines.
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Material processing on CNC machines.

The technology of shapes cutting and materials processing on CNC machines (Computerized Numerical Control) allows for precise production of complex and repeatable elements, by punching, burning or milling in various types of plates.
Our three-axis milling machines process materials with multi-sharp milling cutters.
A waterjet cutting machine uses a high pressure water jet with fine sand for cutting.
Burning, melting and engraving of surfaces is a method of CNC laser work.

What materials do we process on CNC machines?

Different thickness of materials are being processed – even below 1 mm using a CNC laser and 50 mm when cutting with waterjet.

Among them:

  • plastics e.g. plexiglass, PVC, composite panels
  • natural stones, ceramics, stoneware
  • gypsum
  • non-ferrous metals, aluminum, steel
  • glass
  • wood-based panels, plywood, HDF
  • foams, rubbers

Production of elements, what do we produce?

The variety and specificity of the elements we make, depends on the orders we receive from our contractors. Templates, patterns and assembly products are examples of our projects.

We cooperate with shipyards, construction companies, furniture and decoration manufacturers, architects, museums, galleries, glaziers, advertising companies, tilers, machine and device manufacturers.

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